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Here are some examples of poetry that I have written.

The Highway We Call Life



Life in many ways is like a highway.

Filled with paths, turns and twists.

Some of us choose to take short cuts.

Others seem to hit all the potholes.

Lastly there’s the ones that take the scenic route.

Some of us choose the faster lanes.

Others like to take things slower.

And there’s the ones that always seem

to be in the breakdown lane.

Life is filled with different paths.

Some of us choose the right way.

Others take the more difficult routes.

And there’s the ones who won’t stop for directions.

That’s what we call the highway of life.


©Michael J. West 10/18/2000  

A fading Memory


A gentle passing breeze,

Or was the window left open.

A sudden flicker of light,

Or just a power surge.

A sneak peak of a shadow,

Or just all in my head.

A glimpse of a memory,

Or just a daydream.

Is she really gone?

Or has she found me.

Whether in her spirit,

Or just her memory.


©Michael J. West 7/2/2002






What happens when casual conversation,

Turns into absolute frustration.

Unfortunate mistaken comments,

End up being uncomfortable moments.

As my anger begins to arise,

I can feel you stare at me with your eyes.

As I leave to go to another room,

All I can feel is total gloom.

As I sit here in the dark,

I can still hear you bark.

The awkward feelings are being to wear.

How often my heart gets a new tear.

As my tears fill up my eyes.

It seems like everything turns to lies.

All of a sudden a captured glance,

Maybe a good time for a second chance.

As our hearts begin to beat ever so fast.

Why can’t this feeling ever last. 



©Michael J. West 4/11/2001



Losing a mother is like the end of the world.

No matter how young or old you may be.

It has been the hardest thing for me.

Hardest for me, even harder for the rest.

Who will comfort us when we are sick?

Or simply tell us when is time for bed.

Who will teach us about everyday life?

Or help us grieve when loved ones die.

Who will assist us to decide what’s best.

Or just to console us when we need it most.

Who will be there on our wedding day?

I can’t believe she’ll never see that day.

No one could ever fill that empty space.

They tell me she went to a better place.

Losing a mother has been the end of my world.

Let’s hope one day we’ll meet in the after world.


©Michael J. West 2/8/2001



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